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Louise Abbott, Ipswich

Close up image of Casa Olinto website
Louise Abbott is a recently graduated Illustrator, she approached bluberri designs to create a brand and web site that conveyed her style in illustration. After seeing her work we created a site that allowed the work to stand out without too much creative fuss around it.

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Casa Olinto, Tuscany

Close up image of Casa Olinto website
bluberri designs provided a brand, website and photography for Casa Olinto, a newly-opened holiday home in Sarteano, Tuscany. We spent time with the client onsite to create a site that reflected the beauty of the house and its surrounding area. This influenced the use of plenty of inviting photography of the interiors and the stunning countryside, as well as places of interest such as Florence and Sarteano to excite the appetites of potential holidaymakers.

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JP Bolts, Birmingham

Close up image of JP Bolts website
JP Bolts are stockists of industrial fasteners to the construction and manufacturing industry. bluberri designs created a brand and a website, designed to showcase the products in detail for trade-only sales.

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Pilates-en-france, Dordogne

Close up image of Pilates-en-france website
We designed a brand, website and mail marketing for Pilates en France, a retreat based just outside Cahors, France. Not only did we create a brand for the business side of Pilates en France, but also for Les Tilleuls, the house in which the owners runs the pilates classes - a peaceful resting place away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

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The Nerve Centre, Kirklees

Close up image of The Nerve Centre website
bluberri designs were approached to work in partnership with Mine Creative to refresh the web design for thenervecentre, a voluntary organisation helping people who live with chronic neurological conditions, as well as supporting their families and friends. To create a fresh new look, we sourced contemporary imagery, improved the brand colours, updated the design of the website and rebuilt it to make it more accessible.

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Birmingham City Football Club, Birmingham

Close up image of Birmingham City Football events website
The events and conferencing department of Birmingham City Football Club approached us to redesign and improve on their existing website. We worked with the marketing team to create a site that would constantly promote events at the club, while remaining easy to navigate and consistent with the look and feel of the official football team website.

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